Courtesy of AP

Tom Brady holds the Lombardi trophy after the Super Bowl.

Tyshawn Europe, Juan Jones and Jaxson DeSalvo, JHT Staff Writers

It’s official: the season is over. And the Bucs came out on top. The last time the Buccaneers won a Super Bowl was 2002. The last time they appeared in a playoff game was 2007. So that means it’s been 14 years since a playoff appearance. But the Bucs finally did it.

In the first quarter of the Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs were leading by three points, but the Bucs started to get moving when Rob Gronkowski secured an 8-yard touchdown. Then the Buccaneers led 7-3.

In the second quarter, Tom Brady threw a 17-yard touchdown to Rob Gronkowski. Then the Buccaneers were up 14-3. After that, the Chiefs where able to get a field goal, so the score was 14-6.

But the Buccaneers struck quickly, with a 1-yard touchdown to Antonio Brown. After the second quarter, the score was 21-6.

In the third quarter the Kansas City chiefs made a 52-yard field goal, and the score was 21-9. The Buccaneers’ defense made sure that the Kansas City chiefs weren’t going to make another score for the rest of the game.

After that, the Buccaneers where able to keep the game out of reach when Leonard Fournette got a 27-yard touchdown and Ryan Succup hit a 52-yard field goal. Then the game was over. The Buccaneers are Super Bowl champs.

This was a great football season. I can speak for all of us that we can’t wait for another one. Go Bucs!