Top 5 Running Backs of 2021

Top 5 running backs

Top 5 running backs

Lucas Campbell, JHop Times Contributor

  1. Nick Chubb (

    Nick Chubb is the most difficult to tackle ball carrier in the National Football League. In just three seasons, Chubb’s scored a total of 30 touchdowns. In his rookie season, he moved the ball for a total of 996 yards. His career average per carry is 5.2 yards. Chubb is a beast and if he has a great 2022 season, I could see him being higher in the charts.  

    Dalvin Cook (
  2. If he had not missed 23 games in total from a variety of injuries, Dalvin Cook might have placed higher on this list. In just the last two seasons, Cook had 2,692 yards and 29 touchdowns, which is amazing stating how many games he had missed. Cook should be placed higher on this list because his stats and how many games he missed are insane.

    Alvin Kamara ( 
  3. Alvin Kamara is a touchdown machine in the Saints’  offense, recording 43 scores on the ground and 15 through the air. In each of his four seasons with the team, he managed to catch at least 81 receptions which is a ton for a running back, as well as rushing for 3,340 yards. 

    Christian McCaffery (
  4. Christian McCaffrey is not just fast, but he increases his level of danger on the field with terrific vision and amazing balance. Even though his last season was shortened from an injury, only playing three games, he managed to score six touchdowns in that time. He is the only running back in NFL history to have ever caught more than 100 passes in back-to-back seasons. In his four years in the NFL, he has recorded 3,145 rushing yards, 29 rushing touchdowns, 2672 receiving yards, and 16 receiving touchdowns. McCaffery deserves to be in the top two and even maybe the best. 

    Derrick Henry (
  5. Derrick Henry routinely gets first downs for his team if he is not just scoring a touchdown. It seems almost impossible to bring him down on first contact, and his threatening stiff arms certainly help keep would-be tacklers off him. In his sixth year as a running back, he has recorded 5,850 rushing yards and 55 touchdowns, and 1,500 of those rushing yards, and 16 touchdowns, were only in his last two seasons.