“Halo Infinite” Review



Master Chief’s model deploying a grappling hook.

Vincent Deperro, JHop Times Contributor

“Halo Infinite’s” main campaign was great. It had some problems, but it was great, it had a lot of pros and a small number of cons, the pros being that the story was great. And the game play was even better though I fell throw the map at some points I still had a lot of fun capturing the fobs and taking out the HVTS (high value targets). Though the bosses were the best part for me. One of the best ones was Escharum his boss fight starts by giving you a lot of weapons slowly he drains your ammo, and you begin to fell a lot of fear and start to scramble to get more weapons I went into the boss fight with an elite blood blade thinking it would at least do something, but it did not. 

Though it was a lot of fun to fight Escharum it was more fun to fight Chak Lok. It starts by giving you a threat senser and you use it to a great extent during the boss fight. Though for me I went and fought okro vagaduun he is an HVT who gives you a special energy sword and I cannot seem to find out what it does. But other special weapons are easy to understand what they do and how they work, they are a lot of fun to use, and they can really help you in your battles. It is always best to take one of these weapons into a campaign mission. There are usually a lot of ammo refill spots to get more ammo for the weapon. The first boss tremonius was just a better brute captain but when fighting him its best to take out the two Kig-yar he has with him they can slowly shred your health. 

The unggoy were good cannon fodder and just the right level of challenging there and were a lot of cool new ranks for the unggoy and the rest of the banished and my favorite ones were the brute berserkers They were a lot of fun to fight. They are the enemies who rush you at a fast pace and make you haft to fight them in hand-to-hand combat like in most open world games. 

 Though there are a lot of good things there are some bad parts like how until you complete every mission you do not get to fully explore the open world. It is also just the same biome for the whole game, I wish there were some more variety. But this game is going to be the only “Halo” game for the next ten years so there should be room for expansion. So, the potential is infinite as the name shows. 

But the amount of money they want you to spend on the game is insane for cosmetics. they want you to spend seven dollars to get a helmet. And unlike other live services free to play games there is only one way to get the little “Halo” points or whatever they are called and that is to buy them though they will add earnable credits in season two. So, what that means is if you do not pay money you have to grind the battle pass and all the events. and even then, they will try to sell you stuff at every turn. and even if you get the battle pass you do not get much any way. It is a real problem that they need to fix. and one of the shoulder pads is still untextured but the game is fun. It really has some fun game modes. and a lot of cool new weapons sadly at the time of this being written the game does not have campaign co-op or forge. 

The lack of game modes is not good either. What is there is good but here is just not much to work off. Like how there is no infection, there is no king of the hill and there is no fire fight. But the game is still lots of fun and I hope they fix all these problems and the cosmetics that you get from the campaign are cool. There is a lot of good stuff to do in the campaign. And it was great and so was the multi-player. I hope they do better and fix the problems with cosmetics in the campaign like how they say you get three stances, but you only get one, but the campaign was good, and I absolutely loved it hopefully they do an ODST (orbital drop shock troopers) campaign because they mention them in an audio log, and it would be cool to be able to play as one again. If you what to play “Halo Infinite,” you can pick it up on steam or at the Microsoft store. The campaign is $60, and the multi-player is free.