“Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters”

The front cover of the movie.

Via Google Images

The front cover of the movie.

Vincent Elkins, JHop Times Contributor

Getting swallowed by the monster. (Via Google Images)
Percy fighting Chronos (Via Google Images)

     In “Percy Jackson and the Sea Of Monsters Luke poisoned the tree of Thalia and then Percy’s brother Tyson comes along, and his dad is also Poseidon. Luke’s grandfather Chronos has been trying to bring him back to life with the fleece. So, they needed to go into the city, and they gave Percy’s brother Tyson the mist that made him look like a human to find Luke’s dad and after that Luke’s Minions stole Grover and their new mission is to find Grover. Annabeth didn’t like Percy’s brother Tyson because he had one eye and she thought he was ugly, and Percy is like what’s wrong and she said nothing. So, he knew something was up with Annabeth. She thought he was the weirdest person she ever met, and his brother was sad that she was mad at her and horrified. They were at the carnival to try and get Grover from the ugly one-eyed monster cyclops, so they planned to get him out of there, and they did then they had to get the fleece from Luke before he could give life to his grandfather Chronos but once he did, he ate Luke & Grover. After that Percy got his sword to attack Chronos and kill him. Once they headed back to Half-Blood Camp, they put the fleece on the tree to give Thalia life back as a tree the force field it was too strong, and she was a normal human again.