What do scholars think about the new painting in the courtyard?

Lilly Berretta and Jane Keen

In John Hopkins Middle School, a painting has recently added to the schoolcourtyard. A muscula Trojan now sits on the walls of JHop. What do students think about it?  

John Hopkins new courtyard mural. (Jane Keen)

Myles Sayles, a 7th grader from the Theatre department at JHop states his opinion about the new painting.  

Interviewer: “Have you seen the new painting in the courtyard?”   

Myles: “Yeah! It’s big. Very big”  

Interviewer: “What do you think about it?”  

Myles: “God that guy has some big muscles. I’ll tell you what.”  

Interviewer: “Haha ok. Do you think anything should be added to the painting?”  

Myles: “More muscles” 

Interviewer: “Okay, thank you for your time”