Lesson 3: Delivering under pressure

JHT Staff

Now that we’ve learned about water sources and water treatment, lets dive in to how treated water is delivered through Tampa Bay. Click here to answer questions about water delivery You’ll have to zoom up to find the sections, and you might have to flip the document to read it.

  1. Utilities get our water different ways, but each process involves _________.
  2. How many wellfields and wells does Tampa Bay Water use? Did you think Tampa Bay used more or less wells than the actual number?
  3. What ancient design does river water use? What exactly are aqueducts? (you might need to research)
  4. Before seawater is treated for us to drink, where does it go first? How do you feel about this?
  5. What is the average distance our drinking water travels before it reaches our homes? Is that more or less distance than you imagined?
  6. What happens if a system loses water pressure? How may gallons per minute does a fire hydrant need to pump?
  7. What type of pump helps create water pressure? Why do you think these machines are important?