Let me tell you about lacrosse

It’s like golfing with a baseball bat while you run around on a soccer field


Courtesy of Yale Daily News

Lacrosse players shoot on the net.

Ke'yon Stokes, JHT Staff Writer

Lacrosse randomly popped up on my YouTube suggested list. I clicked the video and it was so interesting!

Lacrosse is a sport where players use the head of the lacrosse stick to carry, pass, catch, and shoot the ball into the goal. The sport has four versions: field lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, box lacrosse and intercrosse, and all of them have different types of rules and gear.

Lacrosse was created in the 1630s and is still a sport today. It was made by the Native American Algonquian tribe. The reason lacrosse is such a good sport is because it combines a few different sports into one. It’s known as the fastest sport played on two feet, probably by people who do not watch football.

The best team in lacrosse is the Penn State Nittany Lions. They’re like the Patriots of the NFL when they had quarterback Tom Brady. Sometimes they aren’t ranked No. 1, but they are always near the top. After researching, I think lacrosse is so interesting, even John Hopkins Middle School should have a team.

Lacrosse would draw big crowds, and help students learn how to play and be the best at it, like Paul Rabil, who co-founded and played for the Atlas Lacrosse Club. His net worth is $300,000!  That’s only $249,700,000 less than Tom Brady.

Lacrosse teaches  to always help your teammates, focus on the ball, don’t hog the ball, and never give up when you’re down. You can learn about  on YouTube, like I did. There’s a local team called the St. Pete Dragons. Maybe I’ll see you at a game.