We researched how to get tall and tried all the advice

It turns out the internet never tells you no, it just tells you to subscribe and smash that like button.


Wishtrend TV shows stretches that make you taller. This woman looks taller already.

Halina Hak and Lilly Berretta, JHT Staff Writers

Lilly B: I am and always have been pretty tall for my age. It’s not as fun as it seems! But it’s true that I never wanted to be short. ☹

However, if you are short like my classmate Halina, then you might be going on the internet to look up how to become taller. I caught her doing this during class. We decided to write about it after I got her to stop crying uncontrollably.

YouTubers won’t tell you that getting taller is out of your control. Instead they offer tips and ask you to keep watching until you get taller.

We researched and tried each tip, then talked about it. Let’s look at the results.

Tip 1: Sleep more

YouTuber Fresh Pepper says growth hormone gets released into your body as you sleep. He says, “sleeping can help you repair and optimize your growth potential.”

Halina H: Sleeping does not help with growing taller because I tried to sleep in, but I’m still short. I’m going back to staying up all night. I could have a heart attack in my sleep! I heard that happens. It’s not like I can ever sleep anyway, because I stay awake thinking about wanting to be tall.

Lilly B: Getting sleep has nothing to do with it. I normally stay up really late, and during school breaks I hardly sleep at all. I’m never tired. This, however, depends on the person. Of course, you should get at least  hours of sleep, so that you can function during the day.

Tip 2: Stretching and yoga

YouTube channel Wishtrend TV has a video called “Easy Simple Exercises To Increase Height.” They say to “do [these exercises] for 1 minute as soon as you wake up, and in 3 months you’ll see great results.”

Halina H: Well I stretch all the time when I wake up, and I’m not taller. I tried yoga and it didn’t help either. Yoga will not only help but it’s uncomfortable on my joints. Shortly I will be giving this video a huge dislike.

Lilly B: You may think this would help, but it really won’t. I’ve never done  of these exercises in my whole life. Why does stretching not help you? For starters, according to Forbes, “Hanging and stretching can reverse the compression in your spine, making you slightly taller until your spine compresses again. Spinal compression can reduce your height temporarily by 1 In tall people this can be as much as a half inch. Stretching and hanging and lying down can restore this 1 percent but won’t make you taller.” So as you can see, it does nothing. Thanks YouTube!

Tip 3: Eating a balanced diet

Bright Side is a channel with a video titled “Top 10 Best Food to Become Taller.” Bright Side also has videos about how to survive in a falling elevator.

Lilly B: My diet consists of microwave ramen, spicy hot wings, Sprite, Mountain Dew, fried chicken, Doritos, and sugar cookies.

Halina H: I’ve been eating salad daily for dinner and lunch for three years. This advice does not work and is a huge scam. I am still short as heck. I am never eating salad again.

Tip 4: Jumping and tiptoeing

Lilly B: I’ve never done any kind of jumping in life. So, I can say that this is not accurate.

Halina H: I jump at least 687 time a week and I am still short. This is huge scam. What’s the point of jumping when you can break your ankles? I’d rather tape my legs to the ground for safety.

Tip 5: Subliminal messaging

YouTuber Maria Zilic talked about going to bed listening to subliminal messages about being taller. She  uses her sweatpants to show exactly how much taller it made her. Incredible.

Halina H: She is an interesting person. Her tips don’t work. This is a   scam and I do not recommend this. I have decided I will forever be short, sadly. I do not see how listening to something dumb gives me the ability to do something I couldn’t do before I listened to it.

Lilly B: I do not agree with this. I tried subliminal messages but they never did anything for me. I didn’t use one to get tall, but I did use one in the past to act and look like one of my favorite anime characters. I still look and act like myself, so that was a dead end.

In conclusion, all these YouTubers received more views and advertising money from our search, but we didn’t learn anything useful. Hmmmm……..