Opinion / Idea: John Hopkins Middle School Jacket Policy

Students deserve to stay warm.


Courtesy of One Warm Coat

Students ask for warm coats on a coat drive.

Dymond Walker, JHT Staff Writer

Lately it has been 68 degrees and under at John Hopkins Middle School, and kids have been coming out wearing shorts and no jackets. I think the staff members at John Hopkins should pass out jackets to kids who come without one just like they pass out masks. If they do not have one, or they do not wear it, they get a punishment.

This is important because some parents cannot afford to buy their kids any jackets, and if they get a cold, there is a good chance they could get COVID-19 and give it to other kids.

could buy jackets for all the schools in Pinellas,  and donate them  to parents/ kids. They could also partner with a charity like One Warm Coat, which is a nonprofit that  organizes national coat drives. One Warm Coat provides free coats to people in need and works to create awareness of the vital need for warm coats across the country.

We  do something like this,  for our school. I think this would really make a difference.