ROBLOX goes public into the stock market at a starting value of $30 billion

The debut surpasses Fortnite.


Courtesy of ROBLOX

The in-game ROBLOX stock ticker

Alexandra Smith, JHT Staff Writer

ROBLOX is a platform where users can sign up to create and play games made by other users. The digital currency used (known as ROBUX) is earned via purchase or from item sales (shirts, game passes, etc.), and you can use ROBUX to purchase items from the Avatar Shop (formerly known as the Catalog).

On Wednesday, March 10th, 2021, ROBLOX did something that could change the platform forever.

ROBLOX went public into the stock market by the tag “$RBLX” at a starting value of 30 billion dollars. For a comparison, Epic Games – the company that owns Fortnite, only has a net worth of around $17 billion.

Shares had quickly accelerated from a value of $45 to a value of $70. This was huge for a gaming company that only went public a few days ago.

“Today, as we celebrate our direct listing on the @NYSE, we recognize the potential ahead of us: to build the platform where billions of people come together to learn, work, and play.” David Baszucki, the CEO of ROBLOX, said on Twitter that day.

ROBLOX is already off to an amazing start, and only time will determine what will happen next – and the future.