Splatoon: The Manga review

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Courtesy of Nintendo

The manga follows the blue team.

Abigail Aldas, JHT Staff Writer

Splatoon is manga created by Nintendo the popular video game series of the same name. The manga and games are about four inklings, kids who can turn into squids. They are on a team and their names are Goggles, Headphones, Bobble, and Specs. What they do is that they battle against other inklings or Octolings in what is called a “turf war.”

Turf wars are basically like paintball games, except instead of targeting people to shoot at, you must paint the ground with ink. They have big guns and shoot ink out of them.

The Splatoon game is a third-person shooter video game in which the player plays as either Inklings or Octolings. Inklings and Octolings are based on squids and octopuses. Each team in the manga represents a different color. The manga inklings team color is blue.

Goggles is a male inkling in the blue team. Goggles’ personality is quite immature, funny, and naïve. Headphones is a female inkling. Her personality is   calm and level-headed. She often acts like a big sister and gets very annoyed  Goggles’ antics. Bobble  is another female inkling on the blue team. In the manga, she always smiles, even when her team is in danger. Specs is the final member of the blue team. He is a male inkling who kind of acts nerdy. He tends to get anxious but tries to hide it as much as possible. He is also very smart and likes to flaunt his knowledge, but gets annoyed when no one listens to him.

The manga takes place in the city of Inkopolis. The story follows the blue team as they battle all the different teams in the turf wars. The team also has allies, such as the Inkling named Rider. Rider is a male inkling and his personality is very tough. In the manga, he is short-tempered and very serious when it comes to turf wars.

My opinion on the Splatoon manga is positive. I honestly really love it! I love all the characters and their little personalities. My personal favorite character is Bobble  I think it’s funny how she always smiles through everything while her team freaks out. I also love how it’s funny, even if the humor is a bit childish. The manga doesn’t really have a big plot to follow, though. The manga is vey light-hearted and is focused on just the team having a good time and defeating their opponents. I recommend this manga if you like reading light-hearted, goofy content.