A new opening at John Hopkins Middle School

The new doors are a big improvement.


Jayda Reio, JHT Staff

The new gates welcome businesses and students to campus.

Jayda Reio, JHT Staff Writer

First, a little background information: John Hopkins Middle School has had the same plain gate at the front for ages. They were burgundy and displeasing to look at, if you ask me.

Finally, after so many years, someone decided to change them. Let’s find out who, why and what people think about the new doors.

First, let’s start off with what people think about the new doors. ‘’I think it adds a real business and professional look to the campus, and its really inviting to the outside community,” says Administrator Green.

Principal Carlmon Jones, who started the project, says, ‘’the old gates made the school kind of look like a prison,” but he said this is not a prison, it’s an educational facility. He wanted the school to be more appealing to the scholars, and as well as

says the new doors do just that. “It’s a great installment, and it makes the school looks more appealing and approachable.”

I  agree. In my opinion, the new doors are a big improvement.