Flood Awareness Week


Pinellas County

Introducing Floody the Frog!

JHT Staff

This week is Florida Flood Awareness Week. We would like to introduce you to Floody the Frog, who will be informing us on important flooding information each day this week.

Floody the Frog lives in wetlands and other areas that can flood.  Floody wants to help you stay safe when nature gives us too much rain.  When that happens, water can flood your street or even get inside your home.

Do you know what to do during a flood?

  1. Make a Plan – Storms and flooding can be scary, but not if you are prepared!
  2. Turn around, don’t drown – Play smart and stay off flooded roads and out of floodwaters
  3. Don’t get chomped or shocked – Look for dangers in flood waters like alligators, ants, snakes and powerlines

Look for these three posters around campus and online: