From GOAT to GOAT: Lebron passes Kobe’s scoring record

The event takes on more significance after Kobe Bryant’s death.


Courtesy of NY Times

Lebron and Kobe hug it out during a game.

James Lynch, JHT Staff Writer

There is a positive story to come out of the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi. Lebron James recently passed Kobe Bryant’s score, and wore a pair of Kobe’s shoes while he did it. 

According to Sports Illustrated, Kobe had 33,643 points. Lebron made his total 33,655 points in his game with the 76ers. The only other players to score more than Kobe or Lebron are Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, at 36,928 points and Karl Malone at 38,387 points. 

Lebron passed Michael Jordan’s points earlier this year, so that settles that argument. 

James commented on passing Kobe’s score in a recent interview with The Source. “It’s surreal. It doesn’t make no sense, but the universe just puts things in your life.” He also said Kobe gave him a pair of shoes and Lebron wore them the night he passed Kobe’s score. 

Seventh grader Maurice Johnson thinks it’s fitting. “They were friends, you know, so it was good that Lebron took the record. It’s like he’s keeping it safe so no one takes it. I bet Kobe would like that.”