“We were quiet. We were focused.”

The J.Hop boys’ Trojans take it all the way to become 2019-2020 basketball champions.


JHT Staff

The champions pose for a team photo.

Jaden Langley, JHT Staff Writer

It was an amazing season for John Hopkins boys’ basketball team. They’re now officially the reigning Pinellas county district champs. 

This February the Trojans battled Bay Point middle school for the championship at St. Pete High. J.Hop had lost to Bay Point twice before the game. The final score was John Hopkins 34, Bay Point 30.

The boys’ basketball season started strong from the beginning. They kept it up to the end of the season with a final record of 8-2. 

After the last game of the regular season Coach Chirrod Williams pointed out how close behind Bay Point the boys were. “We ended ended 8-2 in second place behind Bay Point, we actually had the same record, but they beat us by a total of five points. With that being said, we may have another opportunity to play them again. So I’m very excited about the opportunity to bring a Pinellas County championship back to John Hopkins Middle School.”

Before the championship, we asked what winning would mean for Coach Williams and the boys’ team. “It would be awesome because you leave a legacy when you win a championship. They put your name on the wall and it stays there forever. It’s there for your future kids and family members, and also it builds morale for the school as well.” 

How did the Trojans come back from two losses against Bay Point to beat them? Eighth grader and power forward Darrell Williams said it was about focus. “I feel we came out more focused when we played in the championship. We just stopped playing around. In the locker room we were quiet. We were focused.”

Now that the season has ended, the entire school is proud of the boys for winning. For now, they can take the offseason to appreciate coming out on top of the rivalry. 

“It felt good,” Darrell said, “Beating Bay Point in the game that meant the most.”