The new sports club in town

J.Hop gym teacher Coach Chernoff leads a club volleyball team for interested students.


Logan Lilley

The official South St. Pete Storm game ball.

Logan Lilley, JHT Staff Writer

Editor’s note: This is an archived 2019/2020 article. The information may have changed. Please check for more information

Club sports are a way to keep playing after the season has ended, and there’s a new club in town. The South St. Pete volleyball team is open to all interested in applying. Club teams give students a chance to play with people they might have played against during the regular season. South St. Pete plays games against other clubs in other counties. 

The club was started by Coach Chernoff to keep the J.Hop volleyball teams in shape during the offseason. “I started this volleyball club because our girls middle school team has been going really far in the league and has been going really far in the playoffs.” With all this extra practice, they are sure to bring home a championship soon. 

The South St. Pete girls’ team came out on top in their first scrimmage, winning three sets in a row. There has been so much interest that a second team needed to be created for the club, called the B team. 

Coach Chernoff said his plan for the girls and boys are to keep them playing as a team. He also made this club so that anyone can play. If you’re interested in joining, let Coach Chernoff know.