Unassuming gas station or best Mexican food in the county?

I finally got the opportunity to try Chile Verde on 22nd Avenue N. It was certainly different.


JHT Staff

Posing with my new best friends, the tacos.

Kane Adon, JHT Staff Writer

An authentic Mexican spot, in a gas station! Weird, I know, but totally worth it. 

Steven behind the counter could immediately tell it was our first time. He offered to help and made some suggestions. Another chef prepared the food. We ordered a plethora of food since I was writing this article:

Enchiladas for my mom (chicken and cheese with a salsa Verde – 10+ rating) 

Chimichanga for my dad (steak, cheese, refried beans, and fried tortilla shell – 10+ rating) 

Tacos for my sister (American tacos, just ground beef and cheese, flour tortilla – 10+ rating)

Quesadillas for me (steak and ground beef – 10+ rating)

The portions for my dad and me were massive! It was like two in one! You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. From authentic tacos with onions and lime to American tacos with just meat and cheese, there is something for everyone. 

All the ingredients were super fresh, literally the best I had ever eaten. One thing that must be mentioned is the hot sauce!  The green one is kind of spicy, but the red one is 🥵🥵 is holy guacamole, hot!!! So much in fact, my cheeks turned red! 

We got all our food to go, but stayed and tried two authentic tacos: carnitas, which are slow roasted with pulled pork, and lengua, which is beef tongue. I wanted to try something new. The lengua was juicy but firm, and the fresh onions had a bite to them. 

The carnitas were flavorful and succulent. Both were excellent! The atmosphere leaves a little to be desired; to be honest, it is an old gas station. But the people and food make up for what is lacking in décor. 

This was a great experience for my family and me, and we definitely will be back. Thank you, Steven and Chile Verde.