Apple impresses with iPhone 12 reveal

There weren’t many products at the event, but they were all strong.


Courtesy of Apple

All users have to do is mention Siri and the Homepod Mini will hear them.

Nahshon Cooper, JHT Staff Writer

The most recent Apple Event is still making waves. There were only two items due to a revised event schedule with COVID-19 stopping production, but they were big ones. Here is a breakdown for anyone who missed it:                                            

The first product they showed was a device that will compete with home devices like Alexa and Google Home. It is called the Homepod mini. It will have the well-known virtual assistant, Siri, who you can ask to do tasks like play a song or control your TV. The Homepod mini retails for $99.

The second product, and probably the most anticipated, is the iPhone12. It comes in five colors: black, white, red, green and blue. It has a glass back and aluminum frame. The starting price is $799. It will be the first iPhone to offer 5G, which means much faster internet speeds. Apple also showed the Mini Edition, which retails for $699. Then they showed the Pro and Pro Max editions, Pro going for $999 and Pro Max for $1099. 

The iPhone 12 won’t have chargers or headphones in the box. Apple said this will help ship more phones on fewer trucks, making less fuel emissions to help the planet. You have to buy your own headphones and charger though. 

Wow! These devices are going to change some lives. Homepod mini has a lot of competition against what is considered to be the best AI house assistant: Amazon’s Alexa. But Apple doesn’t seem too worried. They are always the trendsetters, even when they are behind the trend.