St. Pete holds first post-lockdown festival

Coming Out St. Pete became part of the city’s reopening plan.


Courtesy of Dylan Todd Photography

Two parade attendees enjoy the sun.

Shaelee Fly-Schultz, JHT Staff Writer

We’ve all been cooped up in our homes since March, but one community in particular knows what it feels like to be shut in. October 11 is annual Coming Out Day, which supports LGBTQ+ people “coming out of the closet,” or telling other people about their orientation. 

The day happened to line up with an ease in COVID-19 cases, and was used to begin the reopening process of the city of St Pete. Chris Jones, co-chair of Come Out St. Pete, told Fox 12 News, “We’ve all lived in our home for seven months now and I think people are wanting to get out.”

This is the first of many major events that St. Petersburg is allowing under their city reopening plan. Pinellas County COVID-19 case numbers reached new lows during September and October. Since then, COVID-19 cases have risen in Florida.  

According to the Florida Department of Health, large gatherings are no longer encouraged. At least we all got to come out for a moment.