What to expect when you come back to school from online learning

It’s definitely a learning curve, but knowing some information ahead of time makes things easier.


Michelle Gutierrez | JHT

Switching from working alone to working in class can be hard or fun, depending on your personality.

Halina Hak, JHT Staff Writer

Coming back from school after being online so long is quite interesting. I did this. Here are tips. 

Right away you’ll notice everyone with masks on because of COVID-19. This is different from seeing yourself on the computer camera, either in a desk or bed, sitting there in an online meeting. 

Online, showing your face can be uncomfortable because you’re probably in pajamas. At school, everyone wears uniforms, but watching from a screen you don’t see the bottom half of their faces. Chins are mythical creatures. 

Lunch tables will have these plastic shield things in front of where you sit to protect you from the virus. You must sit on a blue ‘X’ spaced six feet apart. Some classes have their desks far away, and some don’t because of the classroom size. 

I personally liked online more than face-to-face school, because I was comfortable on my bed. I also got at least one hour more lunchtime than what I have now, because I could eat in my room during class. 

When you attend in person, you must wake up early just to get ready instead of waking up right before class. You also have to bring your backpack everywhere around campus, which I am too lazy to do, but I must do it anyway.  To be honest I don’t know why they closed schools in March. Now they open schools back up, risking our lives, even though we have more cases than when we first closed.  

Of course, you are going to get lost around campus for about a week or so. Working with a pencil instead of typing keeps making my brain revive then die three minutes later. I have bad handwriting by the way. 

In my opinion, there’s not much of an advantage in going to any school at all. But my teacher is facepalming and saying we probably can’t say that  in the school newspaper. So, uh, school is great. 

Seriously, if you are online and want to come back to school, think about the pros and cons before just automatically coming back.