iOS 14 review

The new iPhone update has many features to make your phone life better.


Courtesy of Apple

You can customize almost anything in iOS 14.

Michelle Gutierrez, JHT Staff Writer

Once I found out that there was an update for iPhone, to be honest, I was scared to get it. All my friends got it before me and told me to download it, but I kept on saying no. One of the reasons was because I thought I wasn’t going to know how to work all the new features this update had to offer.  

Eventually I got it, and I was so happy I did. Here are some of the bigger updates:

  • Home screen design changes
  • Major new features like App Clips 
  • Updates for existing apps like Messages and Memoji
  • Siri improvements 

App Clips is a convenient feature where you don’t have to download the whole app to use it. You can open the app clip on Safari and use it right away, instead of going to the App Store, searching for it, logging in, etc. 

Each home screen page can display widgets customized for work, travel, sports, favorite music artists and more. When I got the update, it was amazing! It felt like I had a whole brand-new phone. 

When I found out I could make themed widgets, I was pretty excited. At first, I didn’t know how to do it, so I watched a video that my friend sent from YouTube. Once I learned how to do it, I made a Luh Kel theme, which is the rapper I reviewed in this issue. 

So if you’re like me, and you’re worried about downloading the update, don’t be! You won’t regret it.