Buy me, You should!

The popular Star Wars character Baby Yoda can keep you company until The Mandalorian season three comes out.


Courtesy of Etsy

Baby Yoda merchandise takes many shapes.

Ripley Brown, JHT Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: This story is part of a series written, but never printed, just before lockdown in 2020. The students may have graduated or moved schools, but wrote for JHT at the time. Out of respect for their work, we are publishing their stories now. 

Did you know that Baby Yoda lives at Build-A-Bear? Not only is there be a Baby Yoda bear, there’s a Baby Yoda who talks. Does it eat frogs and your passengers’ eggs? You probably shouldn’t take any chances. 

Baby Yoda is a main character for the hit show The Mandalorian, available on the Disney Plus streaming service. The popularity of Baby Yoda has far exceeded Disney’s expectations.  

You can visit his legendary home at Westfield Countryside Mall, a.k.a. the Build-A-Bear workshop. The Build-A-Bear process is the same for Baby Yoda. 

Would J.Hop students buy a Baby Yoda bear? Do you even have to ask?

“I would definitely buy one,” says Janet Deida, eighth grade. “If you can give it accessories, I would give it a little baby lightsaber.”

Baby Yoda and Yoda are not the same, but the creature is called Baby Yoda because Yoda doesn’t have a specific name for his species. The little critter is currently ranked as the cutest Star Wars character of all time, according to Time magazine. 

Not all J.Hop students are into the cute character. Eighth grader Grace Cudar is over it. “I think Baby Yoda was cute the first two times I saw it, but it’s overused. I have no interest in building a Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear.”

The finale of seasons two aired December. There are no hard dates for season three, but writer Jon Favreau told the magazine Variety that the show would be good to film in quarantine, because everybody wears masks anyway.