Have fun and stay safe at Treasure Island Fun Center in Seminole

The arcade provides a good environment with families, and they won’t let you in without a mask.

Pinball machines

Courtesy of Treasure Island Fun Center

Pinball games flash at the fun center.

Wallace Smith, JHT Staff Writer

Treasure Island Fun Center has more than 200 games in the building. On their website, the arcade says it is a task to keep more than 200 games working daily. 

The place has a good mix of modern and classic arcade games. My favorite games were Speed Demon and The Wheel, driving games where you get in the big seat and watch the screen. I mostly used a Lamborghini in the games. The arcade also serves food. We had cheese pizza and cherry coke. It was pretty good. 

We went before cases spiked in November / December. The way Treasure Island Fun Center handled COVID-19 was okay, but some kids and some staff weren’t wearing masks. We kept our distance.  

We saw one family who forgot their masks. The Treasure Island Fun Center staff told them to leave the building. Later we saw Treasure Island Fun Center tell other kids the same thing. The staff says they’re working to keep people safe. 

My review of the Treasure Island Fun Center is, they have a lot of cool games especially for our age. Also, sometimes you can win points to get free pizza. The staff seems to care about following COVID-19 rules, so that is a plus. This was a great experience, especially hanging out with family and spending time with each other. 4/5 stars