Best breakfast ever! Trip’s Diner review


Courtesy of Trip's Diner.

You can’t beat the chicken and waffles.

Kane Adon, JHT Staff Writer

Here we go: Trip’s Diner has amazing food! 

My sister got a grilled cheese, the cheese was a little sharp for her, but she is 8 years old. 

She gave it a 6/10 rating. She should have asked about the cheese. 

My dad got corned beef hash, he said it was superb! He gave it a 10+ rating.

My mom got shrimp and grits with a sunny side up egg. She said it was delicious! She gave it a 10+ rating.

I got the French toast platter with corned beef hash as my side, so so good! Guess what? Another 10+ rating.

We had great service. We had Bobby as a server, who is working in the kitchen now because of COVID-19, but he is a great, chill guy. He gets us what we need in a timely fashion, which is what you always want in a server.

The corned beef hash and French toast were my favorite. 

But wait. I almost forgot about the massive pancakes. They are so big they take up one full metal plate, it is insane! Trip’s calls them hubcakes, because they are as big as a hubcap. 

The eggs are also very good. They were so creamy it’s like I was eating a cloud. It’s official: Trip’s has the best breakfast ever. And you can eat breakfast there all day! I give it a 10+ rating, and I challenge you to give it a try.  

“Who, me?” you say… 

Yes, you!

I had a great experience at Trip’s and really recommend it. Thank you Bobby, and thank you Trip’s. 

This is Kane and I am out, peace.