Opinion: Two of my favorite “Demon Slayer” episodes

Demon Slayer anime cover


“Demon Slayer” anime cover

Andino Ferguson, JHop Times Contributor

Tanjiro, the main character (SoundCloud)
Nezuko, Tanjiro’s sister.
Zenitsu, my favorite character (Gematsu)
Inosuke. Brave. (Big Mark)

     Episode 16 “Letting Someone Else Go First,” in this episode we have a character named Tanjiro Kamado, He sets out on a mission from the corps crow (or the animal assigned to you after you finish final selection) to fight Rui, a demon, lower rank fifth. At Natagumo Mountain. Beginning with a fight which demon slayers are controlled by Rui’s “Mom”/ “Spider Demon Mother.” Tanjiro goes through cutting the threads in which the slayers are controlled by. After cutting the threads, they are replaced by more threads (doing this through three heats of slayers women and men). As he finally makes it through the three heats of slayers, he goes to fight the Demon “Dad” also known as the headless demon this takes a while but after their finished Inosuke throws Tanjiro up to use 5th form Blessed Rain after Drought to End “Mom” of Rui. Rui’s “Mother” wants to be freed from Rui because when she messes up Rui’s “Dad” will continue to beat her. So, Tanjiro stops this from happening by ending her life with a slash to the neck. Now that Tanjiro has finished fighting Rui’s “Mom.” He starts to follow the trail of Rui lower Rank five . 

     Episode 21 “Against Corps Rules” As Tanjiro Kamado is close to ending Rui’s life, Rui notices how Tanjiro was protecting Nezuko (as we know demons eat humans). It brings back memories of when he was a boy. Then Muzan Kibutsuji shows up giving Rui some of his blood because Rui cannot really do anything. Walking is hard for him, Which turns Rui into a demon. Now that Rui is a demon, his parents try to kill him because he is a demon. So, he runs away and then he looks for a family of his own prefect just for him.