Trading basics & the ROBLOX economy

(+ How to keep your limiteds safe)

ROBLOX is a platform where users who sign up can create and play games made by other users. The digital currency used (known as ROBUX) is earned via purchase or from item sales (shirts, game passes, etc.), and you can use ROBUX to purchase items from the Avatar Shop (formerly known as the Catalog).

There is a Premium Subscription known as ROBLOX Premium (Formerly known as Builders Club) with the cheapest version (Premium 450) at $4.99 a month. Purchasing Premium for one account unlocks the  ability to get exclusive discounts on UGC (User Generated Catalog) items, discounts when purchasing ROBUX, more ROBUX from sales, and the ability to trade and sell Limited (or Collectable) items.

A Limited item is a virtual item that is no longer being sold by ROBLOX. This feature was introduced  via the ROBLOX Blog. The former owners of the items can resell it for a price of their choice (as well as trade it away for a different limited). You may collect multiple copies of the same limited item.

Source: Screenshots

A limited item is indicated by a green banner in the bottom-left corner that says “Limited.”

Some limiteds may be indicated as “Limited U” (or Limited Unique items). These items are sold by ROBLOX until they run out. Once all copies are sold, the item goes limited. Each buyer is stamped with a serial number to show which one they had purchased (According to the ROBLOX Blog).

game screen
An example of a unique item yet to go limited. Source: Screenshots

After a unique item goes limited, it is treated normally just like any other limited, with some exceptions. Many serial numbers for unique items are very high demand, due to the number itself (e.g., #1, #666, #2021, #1000, etc.).

Now that we’ve covered the basics the ROBLOX economy, let’s get into the more advanced stuff: Trading.

In ROBLOX, if you have a Premium subscription and at least one limited in your inventory, you unlock the ability to trade away your limited(s) with other people.

game screenshot
Source: Screenshots (Website modifications: RoPro)

At first, trading sounds simple: You trade limiteds for another limited around the same value, right? That’s unfortunately a mistake many beginners at trading make when they start off. There is a lot more behind the scenes of trading, and I’m going to walk you through it.

Let me introduce you to RAP (Recent Average Price). RAP is the average price of a limited. It can go up and down, but it depends on how frequently the limited is being sold and for how much. Often times the RAP for a limited won’t be anything close to the limited’s actual price. This usually happens for more expensive limiteds, since they don’t get sold as often as normal limiteds.

game screenshot
One of the most expensive limiteds, with a RAP of nearly half its value. Source: Screenshots

Lowball trades are trades where the other person is giving you a limited below the value of your limited. These trades are easy to avoid: Just look at the rap of the item you’re giving away, and the RAP of the item you’re receiving. If it looks like a bad deal, it most likely is.

Sometimes RAP will be inaccurate, and the limited will be displayed as something valuable, when it really isn’t. This is called a projection. Projections are usually caused by hoarders, who will buy the cheapest copies of a limited on-sale to make it more expensive.

game screenshot
A limited recently projected to a value of 3,316. Source: Screenshots

Projections usually happen quickly, as right when the hoarder is done buying the limiteds more sellers will start selling it again for its normal price. However, on rare occasions, a team of hoarders will buy the limited faster than the sellers can put it on sale, therefore artificially increasing the limited’s RAP.

game screenshot
An example of a recently projected limited griefed by several hoarders over time. Source: Screenshots

Projections are something you need to steer clear of. Often times when trading, a trader will offer what looks like a good deal, only to find out later on that the limited they gave you was above its actual value. Because of this, it’s best to check the price charts of both limiteds before accepting a trade. Some good trading websites to see data about user values and limiteds are Rolimon’s and RBLXTrade.

It’s very likely that when scrolling through the sellers of a limited, you will find multiple copies of the same limited being spammed at the same price with the same owner. This is most likely to prevent projections, OR to prevent a limited from going up in value.

game screenshot
An example of a limited that was put on sale for 1 ROBUX, decreasing it’s rap by a ton. Source: Screenshots

You might also encounter a major drop in value, where the RAP displays at one. This happens when trolls or beamed players will put a limited on sale for 1 ROBUX. This happens quickly, as limited-sniping bots usually snipe limiteds being sold for extremely cheap prices.

game screenshot
The PLBH’s Rolimon’s page, with a noticeable upwards trend. Source: Screenshots

Demand is how frequently an item is being bought, traded for, and sold. These items tend to be the more wanted items, with an upwards value trend. Unfortunately, the ROBLOX website does not allow you to view the demand of items at the time, and in order to view it, you need to use a third-party website such as Rolimon’s.

Occasionally, you may encounter a trade where the other person is giving you an OP (Over-Powered) deal. These trades are usually sketchy and if accepting, there’s a chance that you have received a poisoned item. Poisoned items are items that were stolen from another user’s account, whether it be from scamming or beaming (more on this process later). When encountering a trade like this, never accept it, as its most likely deceptive. Poisoned limiteds are often tracked down by ROBLOX, and an owner of a poisoned limited can be banned at any time without any consent that the item they own is poisoned.

game screenshot
An example of a declined trade for multiple poisoned limiteds. Source: ROBLOX Wikia

If you have a certain amount of RAP, you may start getting botted followers. Most traders have their ability to trade set to followers only to prevent bots, but many bots have worked around this and will automatically follow the user and send them a trade. These users are usually terminated quickly, as most of them are bots with poisoned items.

game screenshot
A few terminated bots that are following me. Terminated users are indicated when their profile widget is grayed out. Source: Screenshots

To decrease the likeliness of encountering trade bots or poisoned limited owners, make sure to set “Who can view my inventory” to followers only, to prevent bots from being able to see your RAP, as well as “Who can send me trades” in the ROBLOX settings. To rid of any bots following you in the past, visit their profile, click the three dots, and click “block user”. Reload the page and unblock them. (Keep in mind that you are unable to visit terminated user’s profiles)

Beaming is when a user takes remote access of an account and trades away the victim’s limiteds to the predator’s account. Beaming is often successful through third-party websites asking for your ROBLOX Username and Password, or through the website sniping your ROBLO Security Code (or your login token) right out of the ROBLOX website’s HTML on login. To steer clear of this, make sure you have a secure password and add an email, in order to recover your account if the password is changed unexpectedly, as well as turn on 2-Step Verification to add an extra layer of security.

Remember: Never visit third-party websites promising to give a free quantity of something, especially through program installation or logins. These websites are made to gain access to your account and steal your data!

Beamer’s accounts are usually deleted very quickly due to unexpected gains and losses of values within a short period of time. The ban note will usually go along the lines of buying and trading limiteds outside of the ROBLOX website, as it is against the ROBLOX Terms of Service to do so.

In the ROBLOX Economy, ROBUX earnt from people purchasing your items can be cashed in for real USD dollars, via DevEx (Developer Exchange) with some exceptions. ROBUX earnt via selling limiteds or trading are unable to be cashed in, and many users will look for loopholes to get around this rule (e.g., selling valuable accounts on eBay). Doing this can lead to account termination for both the buyer and the seller.

So, now that you know the basics of trading, you’re ready to start investing in the ROBLOX economy. Who knows? YOU might even be rich one day…